Pipe Case - Autumn Flowers
Pipe Case - Autumn Flowers

Pipe Case - Autumn Flowers


A wood and lacquer musozutsu. The body of the case is made from wood with very open pores that have been filled and smoothed using a technique called mokume ni shu urushi surikomi (wood grain rubbed with red lacquer). This, combined with the distinctive grain, has created a fascinating surface that has been excellently lacquered with the flowers of autumn and clouds in grey ishime (stone surface). The various other leaves and flowers are lacquered in black roiro, gold, and a spray of silver flowers.

A pipe case that employs several interesting techniques in its construction. I have seen two other pipe cases constructed in the same form and that employ mokume ni shu urushi surikomi, both signed Zeshin.

Circa 1880–1900

School of Zeshin

20.5cm tall

2.7cm wide

1.7cm deep

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