About Me

My first introduction to the art of Japan was as a young boy. On family visits to my uncle's home, he would produce beautiful netsuke that captivated me. Sadly, pocket money at the time wouldn’t stretch to a netsuke collection. It wasn’t until my 20s that I was able to scratch that itch. It has since quickly grown into an obsession encompassing netsuke and sagemono, Japanese lacquer and other forms of Japanese art and crafts.

My aim is to bring to market interesting works across a range of price points. Throughout this website, you will find a selection of pieces from each of our collections, which I update monthly with new finds. 

In February 2020, I published my first catalogue, a hardback that showcased a collection of inro and netsuke. Each year, two catalogues will be published, each focusing on a specific area of interest.

If you find anything that interests you, please do contact me. I’m based 30 minutes from London and regularly travel in Europe and the USA. I love to meet collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Robert Willford

Phone or Whatsapp: +447534 423 803

Email: robert@willford-ja.co.uk