• Lacquer techniques, an interesting video from a contemporary lacquer artist.

      The video above shows a contemporary lacquer artist lacquering a box. It gives a brilliant insight into the tools, techniques and processes used...
  • Adam Bland, Contemporary Netsuke Artist

    Over the past year, I’ve followed with awe as Adam Bland developed his latest work “Red Handed”, from the initial block of Indian ebony through to the completed work
  • Netsuke of The Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford

    My wife and I were lucky enough to welcome into the world a baby boy six weeks ago: Thomas Michael Willford, born January 17th 2019. Unfortunately...
  • A beginner’s guide to collecting Netsuke

    It is a passion that will allow you to meet some amazing people, forge great friendships and, with dedicated study and patience, can be enjoyed even on a modest budget.