Netsuke - Gama Sennin
Netsuke - Gama Sennin
Netsuke - Gama Sennin
Netsuke - Gama Sennin

Netsuke - Gama Sennin

Price on request. 

A sprightly wood Gama Sennin standing on one foot with his robes hanging open to expose his bare chest and little pot belly. 

His ribs and distinctive face are deeply carved in contrast to the rest of his body and the toad, which has a much softer appearance. The giant three-legged toad on Gama’s back has its remaining hind leg resting on his obi, its opposing front leg hangs over Gama’s shoulder, with Gama supporting the toad with both hands. The toad appears quite content, smiling as the pair travel. 

The dark surface of the wood has formed an attractive polish and deep patina. 


Early 19th century 

Height: 6cm Width: 2.6cm 

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