Netsuke - Family Frogs
Netsuke - Family Frogs
Netsuke - Family Frogs
Netsuke - Family Frogs

Netsuke - Family Frogs

A walrus ivory netsuke depicting a family of five frogs on a worn-out waraji (straw sandal). The two parents fill the waraji, leaving their three young to climb on top of them. The eldest and largest of the three young has made the ascent and sits astride both its mother and father; his two younger siblings are still working their way up. The space between the frogs and the waraji is fully excavated, the frogs stained and polished to form a sumptuous colour, enhancing the natural depth of the material. To the bottom, the waraji is carved in detail with various holes, one forming the opening for the himotoshi. The frogs’ eyes inlaid in brass.

Circa 1860

Unsigned, attributed to Seimin

4.1cm long

3cm wide

2.1cm tall

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Collection of Raymond and Frances Bushell, Los Angeles County Museum of Art – Accession number M.91.250.125 

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