Netsuke - Awabi and Octopus
Netsuke - Awabi and Octopus
Netsuke - Awabi and Octopus
Netsuke - Awabi and Octopus

Netsuke - Awabi and Octopus


A large awabi (abalone) shell has become home to an octopus and pair of molluscs. The trio sit snuggled together atop the awabi shell, the shell is well detailed with darkly stained stippling to the surface, the respiratory pores that define the ridge of the awabi are particularly well carved. The octopus’s chubby tentacles extend across the surface, encircling its two companions – or lunch, as they may well be – the eyes inlaid. The underside shows the flesh of the awabi, with the himotoshi formed from a larger and a smaller circular hole.

Signed to the base Kigestu, a rare artist with only two netsuke recorded in the MCI, one being this piece and the other depicting a crab atop an awabi shell. At least one other netsuke by this hand exists, again depicting an awabi with sea life on top. Clearly, Kigetsu, a talented carver, was very fond of seafood but not so fond of carving, with so few netsuke recorded to his name.

Circa 1810

Signed, Kigetsu

5.1cm long

3.7cm deep

3.5cm tall


Sold at Sotheby’s 11/12/2003 lot 163

Ex-Carlo Monzino collection

Recorded in the MCI with no illustration

Sold at Sotheby’s December 1955


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