Inro – Tsuba
Inro – Tsuba
Inro – Tsuba

Inro – Tsuba

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A three-case lacquer inro with a pair of simulated tsuba, along with a lacquered netsuke depicting an Oni applying moxa treatment to its leg, the suite completed with an orange glass ojime.

To the front, a simulated lacquered tsuba with a sleeping oni, parasol, and drum discarded to one side. The tsuba is signed Nagatsune. To the verso, another tsuba is decorated with a shojo holding a ladle and a sake cup, with a bucket laid nearby. Both sides are set against a red rinzu ground.

Inro, late 19th century and netsuke mid-19th century.
Yamada Jokasai – Signed Jo-o/Tsuneo

Elly Nordskog, Thousand Oaks, CA

They are all fire and every on doth shine, The Elly Nordskog Collection by Sydney .L. Moss. number 58, page 248.

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