Inrō - Sumo Contest
Inrō - Sumo Contest
Inrō - Sumo Contest

Inrō - Sumo Contest

A four-case saya inrō. To the front, a pair of sumo wrestlers inlaid in metal face off, stood in the centre of the dohyō (ring). Above, a roof is suspended from four tree trunks, two of which form the cord runners.

The circumference of the dohyō is outlined with baled straw in gold lacquer with each twist delicately rendered. To the verso, a banner decorated in fretwork bears two mon, one a pair of circling ho-ho birds and the other the Katabami mon.

The removable internal compartments are decorated with an all over design of the Katabami mon in gold hiramaki-e.

Circa 1880


Height: 7.9cm

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