Inro - Sudare and Plovers
Inro - Sudare and Plovers

Inro - Sudare and Plovers

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A 3-case inro decorated to the front with a Sudare (screen or blind, made of horizontal slats of bamboo). To the verso, five stylised Chidori.

The blind lacquered in gold hiramaki-e, with the cloth straps running vertically inlaid in shell. To the verso, the 5 chidori are flying from the bottom of the case to the top, with three lacquered in rubbed gold revealing the red beneath and two inlaid.

In the style of the 17th century small black inro, the rubbed gold and use of inlay and simple design nod to these earlier works. This inro probably dates to the late 18th century.

18th century

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