Inro - Samurai
Inro - Samurai
Inro - Samurai

Inro - Samurai


A four-case inro in gold, grey, red and brown takamakie. Various objects associated with the samurai and horse-riding are scattered on top of a roiro and muro nashiji ground. 

To the front, a kabuto in shades of gold is decorated with the Kuyo mon and a grey menpo lacquered to simulate iron. The maedate of the kabuto features a large dragon, whose claws, face and scales are all nicely detailed and well executed. Below the kabuto sits an ebira (quiver), the body of which is decorated in a textured brown lacquer to simulate hair or fur. A grey banner flutters to the bottom, decorated with Sasa-mon. 

To the verso, a brilliant kura (saddle) is decorated with scrolling tendrils and nashiji. Beneath the saddle are stirrups and a yumi (bow). 

The internal compartments are lacquered in nashiji and gold fundame. 

Signed, Kajikawa, with a red pot seal 

19th century 

Height: 8.5cm Width: 5cm Depth: 2.3cm 

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