Inro – Rice Drying
Inro – Rice Drying
Inro – Rice Drying

Inro – Rice Drying

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A three-case Shoami Masanari inro decorated in gold togidashi with touches of hiramakie. This beautiful inro depicts the traditional method of drying rice, where it is tied and hung over a suspended line. It is believed that the combination of the sun and wind adds to the flavor of the rice. Even today, you can see rice dried using this method. Behind the rice, a building sits amongst bamboo trees with birds in flight above.

The main design is in togidashi, with the tips of the birds' wings and bamboo leaves embellished with hiramakie.

Signed to the side of the cord runner. Shoami Masanari. 18th century.

Dimensions: 6.6cm.


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