How to Join Netsuke Zoom.

To join the meeting you can use any internet connected computer, phone or tablet with a camera and microphone which is a standard feature for most modern devices.

I would advise against using a phone if possible as we will be sharing images and documents that may be hard to see on a small phone screen.

Using a PC/Laptop or Mac

Click the meeting link, you will be taken to the meeting automatically. You do not need to create an account or sign in. Simply click the meeting link and wait for the meeting to start.

Using a smart phone or tablet

You will need to download the App from your native App store by searching for “Zoom Cloud Meetings”. Alternately below are the links to the app in both Apple and Google. Once you have downloaded the App you DO NOT need to create an account. Click the link on the meeting link and wait for the meeting to start.

Apple App Store: 

Google Play: 

Video guide on joining and taking part in the meeting: