Okimono - Rat Catcher
Okimono - Rat Catcher

Okimono - Rat Catcher

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An okimono depicting a rat catcher normally described as “frustrated”. However, from the look on the chap’s face he appears to have completely lost control. Naked other than a loincloth that trails down onto the floor, his muscular body is tense as he pulls back his club, ready to strike a deadly blow. Unfortunately for him, the small rat appears to have made it onto his thigh, a blow now will surely inflict serious damage to both rat and the poor catcher’s leg.

This okimono has been sat happily on my desk for the past six months. Most days I will pick him up and enjoy the brilliant carving to the face and frozen motion of his body. In addition to the great face, feet and hands are perfectly carved, each joint rendered in a staggeringly lifelike manner.

Signed, Rokko, Tokyo

Late 19th century

Length: 10.1cm

Height: 6.3cm

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