Netsuke - Shoki and Oni

Netsuke - Shoki and Oni


A fine wood netsuke with bone inlays, depicting Shoki and an oni; Shoki, is able to stand unaided on one foot.

Shoki has a look of absolute bliss, his round plump cheeks and broad smile exposing minutely carved teeth. He appears to be skipping along, ecstatic that he has finally bested his oni foe. He believes the oni to be perfectly packed in a tied bundle but the oni, as is often the case, has other ideas. Bursting free from the package, the oni is half out, head raised looking up at Shoki to check the coast is clear for him to complete his escape. The oni’s eyes and wristband are inlaid in a gold-coloured metal, and his fang in silver. The oni itself is inlaid in a green-stained bone.

Shoki has his broad sword slung over his shoulder, the hilt demonstrating Tokoku’s ability for ultra-precise carving. His clothes give a nice contrast to the precision; they have freedom and movement to them, with the large cavernous sleeves being particularly pleasing, the oni filling one and the other formed to conceal a cord knot.

Signed Tokoku with a seal, Bairyu

5.6cm tall

2.3cm deep

2.1cm wide

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