Netsuke – Seated Shishi
Netsuke – Seated Shishi
Netsuke – Seated Shishi
Netsuke – Seated Shishi

Netsuke – Seated Shishi

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An aggressive looking seated shishi with a loose ball in its mouth. Carved from wood with a dark red hue and stained a deep brown, the surface has formed a beautiful patina. Although for the most part hairless, there is no part of the surface that has been left unworked. When in hand the light catches the rippling muscles across the shishi’s body, conveying the power of the beast. The strong spine defines the back and flows down, merging into the animal’s elaborate tail. The three visible paws to the front are massive, almost boxing glove-like. all have been deeply excavated and well worked. The himotoshi is formed by one smaller and one larger circular hole.

The style of my shishi reminds me of the shishi carved by Tametaka. When compared with known examples, the facial features – especially the deeply carved open eye sockets, floppy ears and the tight curls of the tail – are very reminiscent of the Nagoya master.

Unsigned, Nagoya
18th century

Length - 4.6cm
Width - 3.8cm
Depth - 2.2cm

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