Netsuke – Seated Daruma
Netsuke – Seated Daruma
Netsuke – Seated Daruma

Netsuke – Seated Daruma

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A wood netsuke depicting Daruma by Hara Shumin. The face portrays Daruma’s pain well, with the area around the eyes deeply excavated and stained dark, in contrast to the lighter high points, creating a real sense of toil. The chest bears Shumin’s hallmark giant nipples. The folds of Daruma’s robe are defined with perfectly carved lines that outline each fold. To the bottom, the himotoshi is formed from one very large oval and one small circular hole, the smaller ringed and stained green.

First half of the 19th century
Signed, Shumin

3.6cm tall
3.9cm wide
3.9cm deep

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