Netsuke - Fukurokuju
Netsuke - Fukurokuju
Netsuke - Fukurokuju

Netsuke - Fukurokuju

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A kurumi (walnut) netsuke in the form of Fukurokuju, by Hidari Issan. 

Fukurokuju’s face is very sweetly carved with chubby cheeks that peek out from behind his raised hands, which are concealed within his long robes. To the back, a knot is tied at the base of his elongated cranium. The himotoshi is formed by two equal holes, one above the other, with the signature placed between them in an oval reserve. 

Signed, Hidari Issan, Iwashiro 

Mid 19th century 

Height: 3cm Width: 1.7cm Depth: 1.6cm 

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