Netsuke - Coiled Dragon
Netsuke - Coiled Dragon
Netsuke - Coiled Dragon

Netsuke - Coiled Dragon


Dramatic and unusual late 18th or early 19th century netsuke depicting a traditional three-clawed dragon coiled upright around itself.
A very unusual netsuke darkly stained in the recesses with lovely wear and colour to the high points. The wood has developed a warm patina to the surface. Dragons are a common Netsuke subject but the carver of this has taken on a serious task of creating a functional, strong netsuke which twists around itself and even has the big u turn in the neck. The Himotoshi is formed via the natural twist in the body and the knot in the cord and be cleverly concealed within the netsuke.
He’s achieved strength and functionality by cleverly anchoring potentially delicate areas of the netsuke to the stronger main body of the dragon.
Size: 6.4cm


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