Netsuke – Recumbent Boar

Netsuke – Recumbent Boar

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An extremely fine recumbent boar by Hokyudo Itsumin. Seated with its legs drawn in, the animal's body is covered in dense, coarse hair work to the back that gradually softens down the flanks of the animal. Its snout is raised and stippled, ears pinned back, and the inlays to the eyes give the boar an alert look.

A very pleasing example, I particularly admire the twist to the body and the rolls of fat. The way the hoofs are carved. The features of the animal show much affinity with the carver Ittan, who has been suggested as the teacher of Itsumin.

Signed, Itsuo To (carved by the old man Itsu). Hokyudo Itsumin Nagoya School

19th century


Ex-Schmidt (Bothelt) collection

Shown at the Cologne Netsuke Convention Exhibition 2017

Published: Cologne Netsuke Convention Catalogue 2017 No. 162


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