Kagamibuta – Hotei and Karako
Kagamibuta – Hotei and Karako

Kagamibuta – Hotei and Karako



A kagamibuta-style netsuke with a silver plate engraved in katakiri-bori and ke-bori. A boy with a delicately carved smile is pointing upwards while running. To the centre of the picture, Hotei stands with his back to us and a large sack over his shoulder, his head looking up at what the boy is pointing at. The silver disc has a blue patina that doesn't photograph well; in hand, the surface of the metal has a very nice dark blue tint to it.

The bowl was turned from ebony by Adam Bland as a replacement for the ivory. The ivory bowl is still with the netsuke and subject to export laws; both bowls will come with the netsuke.

19th century
Signed, Juraku

4.2cm wide
1.5cm deep


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