Inrō - Tokiwa Gozen
Inrō - Tokiwa Gozen
Inrō - Tokiwa Gozen

Inrō - Tokiwa Gozen


A fine four-case inrō depicting Tokiwa Gozen, who was the wife or concubine of the military leader Minamoto no Yoshitomo. She is shown fleeing with their three children through the depths of winter, following Yohitomo’s death in 1160. The youngest Minamoto no Yoshitsune carried in her arms would later go on to be considered one of the greatest and most popular warriors of his era. They battle through the cold, passing pine trees with snow-covered branches and wonderfully rendered bark. The design, against a gold fundame ground that fades into usu-nashiji, is rendered in gold and silver takamaki-e with embellishments of red, brown and grey to the quartet’s clothing.

Circa 1820

Signed, Seishi (Masayuki) saku with kao

Seishi was one of the go (art names) of Yamamoto Shunsho VI (1774-1831).

Height: 9.2cm


F. Fedder, 1975.

Wrangham collection, no.1293.

Published: E. A. Wrangham, The Index of Inrō Artists, p.228, Seishi.

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