Inro - Seven Cranes
Inro - Seven Cranes

Inro - Seven Cranes


A tall five-case inro depicting an all-over design of a flock of seven cranes. I'm unsure which is the front and which the back; each side has a central, tall crane with its companions preening themselves or pecking at the ground around them. Two of the birds stretch around the cord runners, part of each bird on the front and part on the back of the inro. The delicate feathers of the birds are lacquered in gold with tiny individual barbs and feathers lacquered over the top in hiramakie, adding a nice depth to each bird.

The crane is a symbol of longevity and a companion of Jurojin, one of the seven lucky gods. Here we have seven cranes, which adds a further auspicious meaning to the inro – and in 2020, who couldn't do with a bit of good luck!

The internal compartments of the inro are lacquered in orange nashiji and gold fundame.

Signed Kajikawa along with a red pot seal.
Mid-19th century

9.2cm tall
4.5cm wide
2.5cm deep

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