Inro - Roosters Fighting
Inro - Roosters Fighting
Inro - Roosters Fighting

Inro - Roosters Fighting

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A four-case togidashi inro. To the front, a pair of roosters fight: one leaps into the air, its feathers standing up on end, pointed and wild looking, several feathers lay scattered on the ground beneath. 

The eyes of the birds are lacquered in black hiramakie. Their elaborate tails spill over from the front onto the verso, visible one to each side. To the centre of the composition is a pair of bird baskets, one in gold togidashi and one created in brightly coloured sections of green, blue and purple aogai. The design is set against a silver ground with the top and bottom of the inro lacquered in black with sparse gold nashiji. 

The internal risers are lacquered in silver, the internal compartments in red. 


Early to mid 19th century 

Height: 8.5cm Width: 5.7cm Depth: 2.5cm 

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