Inro - Poetic Scene
Inro - Poetic Scene

Inro - Poetic Scene


A very beautiful four-case inro depicting a poem to one side and the matching scene to the other. Rendered in gold and orange takamakie, hiramakie, and mura nashiji against a roiro ground with embellishments of kirikane.

The verso is inscribed with a poem: "Though I’d have preferred to have gone off to bed without hesitating, the night deepened and I watched the moon till it set". To the front, a delicate scene of a building, mountains, and clouds is illuminated by a silver moon.

The top and bottom of the inro are lacquered in burnished silver nashiji and the internal compartments in dense gold nashiji with gold fundame.

I enjoy inro with poetic meaning and often one has to look deeply to discover it. I thank the artist in this case for complementing the beautiful poem with an equally beautiful scene.

Early 19th century

7.8cm tall
5.8cm wide
2.4cm deep

Notes: the poem was written by Lady Akazome Emon 赤染衛門 (956–1041) and compiled in the Hyakuninn-isshu (One Hundred Poems).

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