Inro - Peonies
Inro - Peonies
Inro - Peonies

Inro - Peonies


A five-case gold inro in takamakie against a densely sprinkled ground. A rocky outcrop emanates from the bottom corner of the inro, decorated with dense gold kirakane. 

The rocks wrap around one of the cord runners, creating a continuous scene both sides. A group of six peony flowers in varying stages of bloom grow from the rocks. The leaves and detail are in shades of gold, with the heads of the two main flowers decorated in gold foil along with sections of the unopened flower heads and selected leaves. Added detail to the foil in gold hiramakie. 

The internal compartments are in orange nashiji, with gold fundame to the risers. The inro comes complete with an unsigned metal ojime depicting a matching scene of peonies growing from a rocky outcrop with a small bird flying overhead. 


Early 19th century 

Height: 8.9cm Width: 4.5cm Depth: 2.7cm 

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