Inro – Mountain Scene
Inro – Mountain Scene
Inro – Mountain Scene

Inro – Mountain Scene


A fine four case inro in gold takamaki, depicting various Chinese buildings nestled amongst mountains and pine trees with a body of water at the foot of the design. The verso looks out upon a large body of water with hilly mountains along the shoreline with a rocky outcrop in the distance.

Signed Shomin - Shomin Ogawa (1847 -1891) 

Wrangham provides a bibliography on this artist in “The Index of Inro Artists”. The following is a summary of Wranghams text: Shomin resided in Tokyo, at the age of seventeen he apprenticed under Nakayama Komin and studied painting under Ikeda Koson (1801 – 1866). In 1889, he helped to found the Japan Lacquer Arts Society and in 1890 became the head of the lacquer department of the Tokyo Arts School.


Illustrated in the Sleeping beauties collection, Tokyo 2004, no 30, page 39

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