Inrō – Kai-awase Box
Inrō – Kai-awase Box
Inrō – Kai-awase Box

Inrō – Kai-awase Box


An incredibly intricate and fine four-case inrō in the form of a tied-up tiered box used for the kai-awase shell-matching game. The cords are meticulously lacquered to represent real strings, down to the reproduction of each cord’s individual threads. This refinement is present throughout the design, with the scene of pines trees, bamboo, blossoms and bright gold clouds all rendered in a brilliantly detailed fashion without becoming too busy or fussy.  

The kai-awase shell-matching game was frequently a part of a bride’s trousseau, as it symbolises faithfulness. An inrō with this pattern as well as family mon (emblem), which adorns the bottom case, indicates that it may itself be intended as a wedding gift.

Circa 1820

Height: 6.7 cm

Signed: Kyoryu, with red lacquer seal 


Ex-collection: Virginia Atchley, CA (1976). 

Ex-collection: Brooksie Koopman, VA.  

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