Inro - Hawk and Pine
Inro - Hawk and Pine
Inro - Hawk and Pine

Inro - Hawk and Pine

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A fine four-case togidashi inro by Nakaoji Moei. 

To the front, a hawk sits on a twisted and gnarled pine branch, head dipped, its gaze fixed on a target in the distance as heavy rain falls. The branch continues around one of the cord runners onto the verso. The image is set against a brown ground and various shades of nashiji. 

Pine, hawks and other birds of prey were symbols of strength and longevity. This was a popular subject among the 16th century military class, for whom hawking was a favoured and noble pursuit. A painting by Kano Yukinobu held in the MET Museum New York bears a strong resemblance to our inro. It is probable that one of these paintings provided the inspiration for this inro. 

The internal compartments are lacquered in gold nashiji and fundame. 

Signed, Moei, with a seal (Nakaoji Moei) 

Late 18th/early 19th century 

Height: 7.5cm Width: 5.5cm Depth: 2.4cm 

Provenance: Private European collection 

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