Inro – Hanaguruma
Inro – Hanaguruma
Inro – Hanaguruma

Inro – Hanaguruma

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A fine four-case inro of rounded form, depicting a small four-wheeled hanaguruma (flower cart) with a huge vase full of various flowers rendered in lacquer, shell and coral. To the front, a pair of Chinese boys in brilliantly worked Shibuichi dance and play with a drum. In the background is a pine tree, mountains and a flowing river covering the entire ground and working its way across the rounded side of the inro to create a continuous design.

The all-gold lacquer work is in takamaki with the tops of the mountains, clouds and bark of the pine tree embellished with perfectly laid gold kirikane. The flower cart is worked in red lacquer with inlaid wheels, the rope exceptionally rendered with each plate perfectly rendered. The basket that sits atop the cart appears to be woven, presumably a large bamboo flower basket; the weave is well worked in gold hiramaki-e along with scrolling floral decoration to the base of the cart.

With Shibiyama-style inro, although technically brilliant, I often find the compositions a little stiff and overworked. However, in this example, the movement of the boys and (for Shibiyama work) relatively calm rendering of the flower cart using only the orange of the coral and pinkish white shell with tiny yellow specks for the centre of the flowers, makes for a very pleasant composition.

19th century, Meiji period

Unsigned, Shibiyama school

Size: 8.9cm

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