Inro - Cockerel and Drum
Inro - Cockerel and Drum
Inro - Cockerel and Drum

Inro - Cockerel and Drum


A five-case inro in various shades of takamakie and hiramakie against a sparse black nashiji ground. 

A cockerel sits atop an old war drum, its brilliant plumage on full display. The skin of the drum is elaborately decorated with a dragon, and the body with a cloud pattern. The area around the drum is overgrown with dense foliage. 

The cockerel’s grand plumage is rendered in various layers of different coloured feathers that rise up onto one of the cord runners and spill over onto the verso. The bird’s face is well executed, with a stippled effect covering the red lacquer. 

The cockerel on a war drum is a symbol of peace and tranquillity. An old tale tells of a drum placed at a village gate to sound an alarm during an attack. As the years passed, the drum was never used as a long peace ensued. The war drum forgotten, hens and roosters began to live inside it, and this image became an emblem of contentment and peace. 

Signed, Kajikawa Saku with a red pot seal 

First half of the 19th century 

Height: 9.3cm Width: 4.8cm Depth: 2.7cm 

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