Inrō – Bodhisattva and Nio
Inrō – Bodhisattva and Nio

Inrō – Bodhisattva and Nio

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A large five-case gold inrō depicting Bodhisattva and a fine gold inlaid Nio. Unusually, it’s rendered using a western perspective rather than the typical linear perspective, the traditional style across painting, woodblock and lacquer in Japan. 

The lone Nio, in this case, Ungyō, who makes the sounds "Un" or "Om", stands in a typical pose. To the verso, the Bodhisattva (which I believe to be one of the Kannon variety, personifying compassion and mercy) appears from within a sprawling cloud, her clothes decorated in swirling clouds and the extremities of the main cloud defined in a bluish-grey lacquer.

Signed – Kansai (not of the Koma variety)


Height – 10.5cm

Width – 7.5cm

Thickness – 2.5cm

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