Netsuke – Sansukumi
Netsuke – Sansukumi
Netsuke – Sansukumi

Netsuke – Sansukumi

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A wood netsuke depicting a snake consuming a toad in an illustration of the classic tale of the Sansukumi. The snake’s body is coiled in three layers with extensive open work separating each pile. The large toad clings to the body of the snake, attempting to free himself from its mouth. It looks like he will fail and that the snake will consume him. The slug is missing, already inside the toad?

The wood is a lovely reddish orange, having worn nicely, and a warm and beautiful patina has formed. A natural himotoshi can be formed between one of sections of open work to the underside.


Late 18th century

Length: 4.6cm

Width: 3.3cm

Height: 2.3cm

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