Inro – Peafowl
Inro – Peafowl
Inro – Peafowl
Inro – Peafowl

Inro – Peafowl

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A four-case inro bearing a gold fundame ground and designed in takamaiki with aogai accents. The internal compartments are rendered in nashiji.

To the front, a male peafowl with his full plumage on display and a flowering azalea to one side. The design sprawls onto the verso where a diminutive female bird is obscured from view by the larger male. The eyes of the male’s plumage are inlaid with an array of purples, blues, greens and pearl-coloured Aogai.

Circa 1830

Signed - Hasegawa Shigeyoshi

Size: 7.6cm

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