Inro – Dragonfly
Inro – Dragonfly
Inro – Dragonfly

Inro – Dragonfly

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A four-case inro depicting a dragonfly with a red body adorned by gold and grey textured wings. The dragonfly is prominently featured on the front of the inro, with its wings elegantly trailing onto the verso against a backdrop of finely crafted grasses in black and red lacquer.

The wings are particularly noteworthy for their meticulous execution, with the gold lines seamlessly integrated into the grey textured lacquer, creating a strong visual effect.

Crafted from a delicate and lightweight wood, possibly paulownia, the body of the inro exhibits a beautiful straight grain that runs seamlessly along its length. Each case fits snugly with the next.

While the inro is unsigned, its subject matter, materials, and colour palette place its production in the 19th century, likely created by an artist inspired by Zeshin or one of his followers.

19th Century

Provenance: Purchased from the estate of the late Sharron Chapel.

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